The online administration

The other day I posted a comment on a proposed tax in Sweden to increase the defense budget with some six billion €. The proposal made by a professor of economics Lars Calmfors was sound and backed up with valid economic arguments.
This made me thinking even though political economy is an empirical science, it has come a far way from witchcraft. Why not hand over the country's economics to scholars?  But then again there is a political in “political economics”, maybe it’s best to let the politicians have a say. This again made me thinking.
The national budget in Sweden as in most countries have been managed the same way for ages, every year there is a new annual budget with a few additions.But we should be able to do better than that. Today we should be able to gather and analyse data of importance in real time, with the right BI tools for data intensive applications we should be able to give the politicians (and scholars) better decision support. Real time monitoring of the country economic key value figures, automatic alarms etc. The online administration of a country, that is able to act immediately when things change,  how cool wouldn’t that be? The smart country; Country vs. 2.  Will the world be a better place? Yes a small tiny little bit better and that is huge.
A final thought, does this already exists? Are country administrations already online?