Happy New Year

Last task this work year. Upload currency rates for year end closing.
View from the office 08:20 in the morning. If you look closely to the right you can see reflections of me drinking coffee.

The dollar was sinking which worried the financial guys. I suspect it is the recent quibble between US and Russia that makes the market a bit apprehensive.
All the same - Happy New Year to all of you.


SharePoint 5000 limit trick

Another trick to circumvent the dreaded 5000 items limit in Sharepoint.

I found this trick how to create a very complex view filter (combining two or even more boolean expressions in the view filter):
If you use two or more columns in the filter expression, the determining index or indexes should use an AND operator. For example, if you want to return Dogs from a large list of animals. You have an unindexed column called Species where you have Dog as a value. If you just query for Species = Dog, your query will be throttled. However, if you have an indexed column called Class, your query becomes Class = Mammals AND Species = Dog. You could also search for cats and dogs with the query Class = Mammals AND (Species = DOG OR Species = Cats). The second query selects all Mammals, and then filters to Dogs and Cats.”

This is an example of a view filter definition:

I have not figured out where I type or 'click in' the parentheses, but once I done that, I have great hope this Microsoft trick may work.
If you know how you create this 'dog or cat' filter in sharePoint please drop me a mail.

After rereading the post my eyes fell on the impossible filter query "Class = Mammals AND (Species = DOG OR Species = Cats)", the latter paranterized part filtering on species where DOG is upper case singular, while the feline Cats is plural lowercase with a leading uppercase 'C'. And missing quotes suround Mammals, DOG & Cats.
Do anyone beleive the author have tested this or even have had a SharePoint list to test the filter on?


Cash free

Andreas sent me this link https://youtu.be/NrmMk1Myrxc really cool. It reminded me I am cash free, it is probably about two year or so since I used cash in Sweden. I use a credit card and Swish for money transfer and the Inet bank for bills. Very convenient. I’m looking forward to the day when we can do away with the cashier counter, this post is unfortunately in swedish only but says a lot about at least my frustration of standing in line waiting to pay.     
Last time I used cash was probably in Antwerp buying bollekes and frietjes. Best beer, best french fries in the world.


Blue & Lonesome

A new Stones album doesn’t come often these days and this new one is a cover album, I expected a lot, these guys have been around for a while and they did some stunning covers some 50 years ago.  After listen to the songs once I think the album is a bit "pale", the only really good track was Howlin’ Wolf’s “Just like I treat you”.  “Just  your fool” and “I can’t quit you baby” are alright, the rest of the songs I don’t remember.
In school I once used the word “quit” in an english essay, my english teacher told me there is no such word but I had heard “I can’t quit you baby” so I knew. However my teacher was not impressed by my reference to a rhythm and blues song. I was as usually given a bad mark in english, "quit" probably didn't matter much. I didn’t write better english then and I wasn’t good teacher’s pet material either, so I expected a bad english mark.