Blue & Lonesome

A new Stones album doesn’t come often these days and this new one is a cover album, I expected a lot, these guys have been around for a while and they did some stunning covers some 50 years ago.  After listen to the songs once I think the album is a bit "pale", the only really good track was Howlin’ Wolf’s “Just like I treat you”.  “Just  your fool” and “I can’t quit you baby” are alright, the rest of the songs I don’t remember.
In school I once used the word “quit” in an english essay, my english teacher told me there is no such word but I had heard “I can’t quit you baby” so I knew. However my teacher was not impressed by my reference to a rhythm and blues song. I was as usually given a bad mark in english, "quit" probably didn't matter much. I didn’t write better english then and I wasn’t good teacher’s pet material either, so I expected a bad english mark.

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