SharePoint 5000 limit trick

Another trick to circumvent the dreaded 5000 items limit in Sharepoint.

I found this trick how to create a very complex view filter (combining two or even more boolean expressions in the view filter):
If you use two or more columns in the filter expression, the determining index or indexes should use an AND operator. For example, if you want to return Dogs from a large list of animals. You have an unindexed column called Species where you have Dog as a value. If you just query for Species = Dog, your query will be throttled. However, if you have an indexed column called Class, your query becomes Class = Mammals AND Species = Dog. You could also search for cats and dogs with the query Class = Mammals AND (Species = DOG OR Species = Cats). The second query selects all Mammals, and then filters to Dogs and Cats.”

This is an example of a view filter definition:

I have not figured out where I type or 'click in' the parentheses, but once I done that, I have great hope this Microsoft trick may work.
If you know how you create this 'dog or cat' filter in sharePoint please drop me a mail.

After rereading the post my eyes fell on the impossible filter query "Class = Mammals AND (Species = DOG OR Species = Cats)", the latter paranterized part filtering on species where DOG is upper case singular, while the feline Cats is plural lowercase with a leading uppercase 'C'. And missing quotes suround Mammals, DOG & Cats.
Do anyone beleive the author have tested this or even have had a SharePoint list to test the filter on?

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