Me and LinkedIn

Some days ago I  joined LinkedIn. 
I have had mails in the past asking me to join various people and friends on LinkedIn. I didn't know what LinkedIn was "it's like Facebook but for old farts" a younger friend told me. Thank you very much - but yeah then maybe it's for me, I'm not very much for computer social networking, but I'm undeniable an old fart. I actually was pushed in by a colleague and today I edited my LinkedIn profile with a photo. This is of respect to the LinkedIn and other members, present yourself decently so other know who you are.

Without knowing how I'm now connected to four other LinkedInners. I'm a bit thrilled by this new adventure in social networking. If you reader are LinkedIn please feel free to invite me to your 'circle' or whatever it is called. I doubt this will be read by many, so far I suspect the only ones reading my posts here are Google bots, and bots from strange Russian sites.

P.s. I still do not know very much about Facebook, except that everyone except me are there. My sons are there and if I join I might meeting them there and I'm not sure I want that. I think I prefer physical family meetings. But what do I know, I'm just an old fart just entering LinkedIn, my next step in Social networking.

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