MySQL 5.6 is out, so what is next?

I just read Simon Mudd’s excellent post MYSQL 5.6 is out, so what is next?  Simon put forth his wish list for MySQL 5.7. Well if Simon can wish so can I. First I think Simons wish list is a good one so I only want to add one wish. Parallel select processing of table partitions . Since my use of MySQL is Business Intelligence applications, I have some large (partitioned) tables that is read many times, so what I really want is faster select processing on large partitioned tables . Another option that could help speed up select on partitioned tables is global partitioned indexes i.e. the index is not partitioned. The MySQL 5.6 key cache support is something I will test out first thing when I have migrated to MySQL 5.6. What is holding me back from migrating is our somewhat odd MySQL setup. I have a MySQL replica  in Japan, which I Rsync with our Master database. First I have to upgrade the Japanese replica and then upgrade the master. The problem is I do not know how to upgrade the Japanese MySQL server. It is an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS standard install, MySQL is the normal Ubuntu package and how to upgrade that from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6? I found this post , but I do not try this on a machine on the other side of the globe on a Linux I only installed once. I do not know Ubuntu procedures but I hope they issue a MySQL 5.6 package for 12.04 LTS. The master MYSQL is run on a Mandriva Linux server where I install MySQL RPM packages myself.    

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