New Data Warehouse Servers

I have written some posts about design and build your own BI infrastructure . Now when I’m getting a new assignment, we (my bosses :-) decided I had to replace my hardware  with more professional irons.

The new Data Warehouse

I chose two servers from Dell, o ne PowerEdge R720  and one R720XD , both equipped with one Xeon ES-2609, 32GB 1600MHz RAM and 12TB RAID 6 SATA/Nearline SAS disk space ( I like oceans of space ).

I will use the R720 as a physical MySQL database server , and the R720XD will contain all other (virtual) servers. Going virtual is an architectural change I planned to do for a long time, but I never found the time. I rather would have used my custom build hardware, but the guys who decide decided otherwise. ‘Since you jump ship, we do not dare to use your old computers . We want proper servers.’ I do not know how the new infrastructure will perform but I got a hunch it will perform better than my now old irons. I will also go from 100MB network connections to gigabit, this will definitely speed up communications.

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