The new processors and pop up ads

I just checked what impact the new Data Warehouse processors have had. I compared  the ETL-jobs we run in the Data Warehouse the week before and after the processor replacement. Duration (in wall clock time) dropped by 10 to 50 percent. It came as a surprise, I didn’t expect such a dramatic improvement. The jobs that thrives the best from the new processors are the jobs who spread out the work on parallel threads, that was no surprise though, since we increased the total server cores from 8 to 32 (including hyper-threading). The improvement is dramatic. When you need better performance, prop up the hardware before you start to optimize software :))
I just found out ads are popping up in my blog posts when I mention Intel processors in the heading. This is nothing I have asked for, but I do not mind as long as the ads are in line with my views on the world and my posts. I’m grateful for my ‘free’ blog and I realize someone has to pay in the end. As you can see I’m still happy.

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