Web service as an integration tool

At the company we are setting up a Master Data Management System, and intend to use web services to distribute (master) data from this MDM system. I like to test ideas and concepts before I deploy them. I discussed this with a colleague Petr Hutar, who runs the MDM system at Business Area MR. We decided currency rates would be a good entity to test the web service data distribution. Petr wrote and deployed the web service, and I sat up a client web service importing the rates into the Data Warehouse:
The ITL workflow  for importing currency rates into the Data Warehouse. The idea is to start this schedule and let it sit and wait until the new period’s currency rates becomes available. When the rates are available the job getRates fetches the rates and the job loadRates inserts them into a Mysql table.
There are some tags of interest worth explaining:

<tag name='WSDL' value='http://IPaddress/IBS/IBS.ASMX?WSDL'/>
The WSDL tag points to the WSDL of the SOAP web service we use to extract the currency rates. As you can see it’s an ASP.NET developed web service which is called from the Data Warehouse Linux/PHP environment.

<prereqwait sleep='600' for='40' until='17:00:00'/>
<prereq type='pgm' name='SoapWsdlNewCurRates.php' parm='@WSDL'/>
The <prereqwait> will repeat checking the prereq(s) until they are satisfied. This prereqwait will check the prereq every 10 minutes (600 seconds) maximum 40 times or the clock strikes 17:00:00. whichever happens first.
The <prereq> calls SoapWsdlNewCurRates.php:

The job getRates calls getIBCurrRatesWebserv2.php:
Comments to the code. I had to write my own error and exception handler to catch error in the SOAP client. This should not be necessary, maybe I did something wrong.

As you see it’s dead simple to consume a SOAP webservice, just point to the WSDL and setup the parameters and call the method you are interested in. This web service test is a success and I will definitely explore web services as an integration tool. I’m already experimenting with Nodejs/HAPI creating REST APIs to the Data Warehouse. I wouldn’t be surprised if I start creating Web pages one of these days:)

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