No April Fools Day Joke

If you follow the Data Warehouse on Twitter you can see some staggering high query figures the last couple of days. The first of April  The Data Warehouse responded to 182.814.418 queries, and that is no April fools day prank. That’s impressive by any standard and far from the regular 9 million queries. I thought the figures were wrong, but it turned out to be correct. They BI crew is implementing a new ‘purchase delivery performance’ routine. In the SAP source system there is no relation between Purchase Order Lines and Deliveries. So the BI team has developed a SQL stored procedure that calculates delivery performance. This stored procedure is ‘query intensive’, and what you see in the recent tweets is testing and calculation of Purchase Order history. When we are in a steady delta calculating phase it will be considerable lower.

I tried to create a PHP ‘in memory’ script for this calculation, but I run out of 10GB memory trashing the Data Warehouse ETL server. Since we have sufficient  memory in the database server, this more elegant stored procedure is by and large ‘in memory’ computing.

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