PHP 5.6 and a tweet with a graph, final cut.

The 1st of August I wrote this post:
In the previous post I hoped for a nicer monthly graph the 1st of August produced by a daily batch job. I almost delivered! The graph is nicer, but the automatically scheduled job blow up, it looks like there is a problem with the Cron environment.  If you do not follow the Data Warehouse at Twitter I invite you to  at https://twitter.com/tooljn.

This morning I compared the logs from a successful run:

with the failed run:

In PHP version 5.5 I have not linked in necessary software for pChart2, and that is still the PHP version called from the Cron environment. So the fix for this problem is to upgrade to PHP 5.6. As of 2014-07-31 we have PHP 5.6 RC3 and I will plan for this version to go into production in the middle of the month. Follow the data warehouse on twitter, if there is a tweet with a graph 2014-09-01 then we have upgraded to PHP 5.6. There is a hell lot of tests to´run before a PHP version upgrade, I have run PHP 5.6 for some time now, I have not had any problems, the only thing I have noticed so far, PHP 5.6 is faster.

The  development of the monthly graph application was done in the production environment (except for the PHP 5.6 version). Since the application is run once a month the progress calendar time been protracted, but working hours are not many. The current version of the graph application is the final version, it will run in PHP 5.6 and above.

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