Summer's (almost) gone

Summer ended 1st September 2015 here in Stockholm. We had a fantastic summerly August which is rare here, most years summer is over in mid August, but not this year.
Autumn view from the office 2nd September, rainy but still warm.

I spent some time this August getting acquainted with MS SQL Server, it was an unexpected pleasant experience. Last time I  looked at SQL Server was 2001 and at that time I disregarded the software as a toy not fit for serious work. That is not true anymore, it looks like a good serious database manager. I have to spend a lot more time with the database to really understand SQL Server, but it was a breeze to create a database with constraints, indexes and all that. The management studio is a nice development environment. Transact-SQL will probably take a long time to master. On the whole SQL server is the same as other mature relational database managers, but different (they all are :-).
While working with SQL server I realised I miss DBA work, real proper DBA work, designing database, fixing performance problems, helping developers with tricky SQL queries. Not only installing the software and running utilities. I have to do something about this :-)

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