Data Warehouse upgrade

After procrastinated a general upgrade of the Data Warehouse for a long time we now have gone from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04. To my great surprise this upgrade seems to have worked well. We also painlessly upgraded MySql from version 5.5 to 5.6. We tried MySql 5.7 but found a number of incompatibilities, so we decided to wait with MySql 5.7 until we have ironed out any problem. We had a moment when we thought we had kissed the japanese DW satellite goodbye, after upgrading the server we restarted the server but it didn’t came up again. We had to wait for the guys in Japan to push the power button. But on the whole it was a smooth transition, about ten or so upgraded servers without any major issues.
After the upgraded Data Warehouse landscape have stabilized, we will also try to move our ETL server from Mageia to SUSE Linux. The Data Warehouse started on Mandrake Linux 2001 and continued on Mandriva and lately on Mageia. These Linux distros have served us well but now we will try SUSE not only for the hell of it, SUSE has a partnership with SAP and that might make the Data Warehouse more acceptable in the company. The sad story is nobody in the company knows what Mageia Linux is which makes the Data Warehouse kind of an oddball. SUSE Linux is more digestible for the IT community in the company. But we will try openSUSE not SUSE Linux Enterprise, after all the Data Warehouse was not formed after the  standard enterprise model.

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