Good Luck Camilla

This post is the hardest I will probably write in this blog, normally I do not have problems finding words but today I have. There are many thoughts but few words...

One year ago I wrote a post on the progress of the Data Warehouse. It was not a happy post since a highly esteemed member of BI development team left the company.
Today I have to write yet another sad post - Camilla leaves the company after some five years of brilliant work. Apart from being a brilliant Business Intelligence developer she took the lead and added much needed structure, good work processes, workflows and good will to The Data Warehouse.
She will be sorly missed by us all.

But the Data Warehouse must go on. When someone leaves some other have to step in.  This time it is Henrik that will carry on the good work together with newcomer Lucas.

Henrik scores on the football pitch.

I’m confident Henrik and Lucas together with the users will run the Data Warehouse successfully, and carry Camillas legacy forward.

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