Help! My PC just died

My Dell E7450 laptop just died. it’s very dead, no sign of life whatsoever, even the power adapter shut off itself. Will the data in the PC be recoverable? I’m not very good at backing up my PC. It is Saturday morning I have to wait until Monday to call Dell Service, fuck! Most unfortunate and inconvenient, I was planning to debug a failing MS SQL server connector this weekend, and fix some MS Sharepoint lists. But I need access to the company network for that and my PC.
Hopefully Dell Support team resurrect the PC during Monday.

And Monday morning we have planned to use my PC for end user training. We rehearsed the training on my PC with Single Sign on login and all. User training without minute preparation is seldom a success, f-u-c-k  again.

Sometime life is such a bitch. 

It's late Tuesday afternoon and still no sign of the Dell PC repairman, I am not happy. 

Update 2:
Wednesday afternoon, The friendly Dell PC repairman have fixed my PC and I'm happy again.  

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