Good Luck Henrik

Henrik has “kicked his last bicycle” for the Company (at least for this time, as all other Data Warehouse developers he is more than welcome back).
It is never fun to say goodbye to a good colleague and a friend. Henrik has been with us for some plus two years, it is not a long time, but during that time Henrik has done a lot of brilliant work. Henrik is a nice likable guy who works hard and deliver outstanding solutions, and as such he has been a great goodwill ambassador for the Data Warehouse. Henrik is sorely missed by me and the rest of the company.
Henrik scores on the football pitch.

But the Data Warehouse must go on. Now when Henrik leaves Lucas will go on together with three newcomers. It is a tough task, a lot of work and great responsibility.  I wish the new team good luck and will of course assist to the best of my ability.

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  1. Tack, med DW:et är allting möjligt!!!