Recently I got a comment to the post PHP 5.6 SAPRFC & SAPNWRFC asking about PHP 7 and SAPRFC.dll. I had in mind to have a go at PHP 7 and SAPRFC Linux this summer. But my job got in the way. All of a sudden I became a SharePoint C# backend developer and the unhappy owner of a SharePoint app, this plus my ordinary job as a IT architect plus giving a BI team a hand now and then had been too much for me. You need focus time learning something as complicated as a software platform, a computer language and frameworks. Being interrupted many times every day with other matters like ‘It seems I am not authorized to update this product classification code, can you fix it now? We need this code for the book closing tomorrow’ made it impossible for me to have a look at SAPRFC and PHP 7 and (UTF-8). My plan B, convert my code using SAPNWRFC by Piers Harding, looks like a better solution. Today I use SAPNWRFC when I need UTF-8 capabilities, using just one SAP connector is a better solution but the conversion will also take time I do not have at the moment. I have not had a summer vacation yet, it looks like I can have a short one in October, for those of you who doesn’t know, October in Sweden is not a good place for outdoor summer activities. October here is nice but you need more cloths than swimming pants and you just don’t go swimming, not even in September. It looks like My PHP code will stay on PHP 5.6 until next year. And it's more likely I abandon SAPRFC in favor of SAPNWRFC, than I try to upgrade SAPRFC to support PHP 7.

It would be good if someone at SAP could give an advice how we should connect from PHP. I hope SAP supports those heroes who creates and maintains connectors to popular languages like PHP.

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