Find an item in SharePoint

I got a request from user “Can you help me find number series owned by ‘AFS’, it seems I cannot search myself”. Sure this easy - SharePoint to the rescue:

Easy peasy I thought, but Oh no the dreaded 5000 limit again:

I tried the search window, but no SharePoint is relentless:

No! Search cannot be done in SharePoint. Why am I not surprised?
Ok, Excel to the rescue:
Export the SharePoint list to Excel. First I get a friendly reminder:
Yes MS Excel is compatible.
Then I get another friendly security notification:
This I’m not sure what it is about but let’s go crazy, Rock’n’Roll I press ‘Enable’.

And voila here is Excel with its working search function, working in no time on super large datasets (5000 items and even larger than that):

And the result:  

Can it be simpler? Thank you SharePoint for superior search functionality😀

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