So long Atlas Copco, thanks for all the fish

Yesterday I did my last day as an employee of Atlas Copco, this second “sojourn” at Atlas Copco lasted for some seventeen years, far longer than the five years I had planned to stay. But if your stay is pleasant you tend to stay longer if possible, in total I worked almost thirty years for the company, yes I have enjoyed most of those years. Atlas Copco gives you a lot freedom and opportunities to grow a career. Not all have been positive of course, how can it many times I been disappointed, upset, outright pissed off and a few times yelled at and being yelled at. But many times and a few times in thirty years are less than a pee in a pond or even a fart in the universe. Most of the time I and my work has been appreciated, the first years I got paychecks I never would have dared to ask for. I can say all my bosses in Atlas Copco have been good to work for. Bernt, Erik, Christer, Lennart, Ulf, Poppen, Folke, Britt, Jalle, Gunnar, Bertil, Rolf, Håkan, Lisa, Antonis, Mats, Tim, Liselotte and finally Patrick you been great although some of you I only worked for a short time. 

I might have forgotten one or two, still it is an impressive list of good managers, of those a few have meant a little more for me; Jalle and Rolf superior intellects who have been great and kind mentors during my first years and Bertil was the best of them all.

Colleagues and people who have worked for me are too many to name here, most of them great guys, If I should single out a few it is Ente during the first years and Ulf, Camilla and Petter from the latter years. Actually when Ulf, Camilla and Petter respectively left the company I became depressed and wanted to quit work myself. I still miss them badly, very different individuals but great professionals and good guys. We had many laughs and a few irritations together.

Of my achievements in Atlas Copco I am most proud of the MPS system, an ERP system for manufacturing from purchasing to delivery of products and all in between. I did most of it and all coding myself, the system was used for twenty six years in two business areas of Atlas Copco. In all modesty I do not think many people have done that. We had an army of SAP experts and a year to replace my system (I did it in three months). Still Ulf and I did most of the reporting for the new SAP system.

Last year I pondered upon what to do when I’m sixty five, now when I am I still ponder but I have taken the decision to leave my employment and start up as a consultant. I will continue to do work for Atlas Copco, how much and what remains to be seen. But I will only do work that I like, that is development, operations and problem solving. I will not chase work only do things that “stumble upon” me. If you have something drop me a line.

Of all companies I have worked for Atlas Copco is by far the best and most dynamic. I highly recommend you to seek employment there.

Late update:
I did not mention Henrik in the post. Henrik is a great guy but in the post I only mention colleagues I worked with  for some time in Atlas Copco. When we were employees of Atlas Copco we did not work that much together, but we do now. Henrik is from time to time engaged by Atlas Copco to help out with difficulties. Henrik together with Camilla has engaged me to help them create a cloud based data warehouse, based on Henrik's ideas and code. Henrik is not only a good guy he is also a darn good IT developer. That is why I felt obliged to write this late admendment.   

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