I have lots of other interests beside computers, I just forgot what they are.

Why blog and what about? I really don’t know. But it seems most people do, so why not. Why English? I’m a swede living in Sweden and my native tongue is Swedish, my English is far from perfect. I have a feeling my writings here will be related to IT and English is the lingua franca of IT. Actually English is THE lingua franca of the world, so if you want to be read English it is. I have a colleague Petr Hutar who once said ‘I have lots of other interests beside computers, I just forgot what they are’ and that pretty much me. My profession is ‘IT-guy’. These days I mostly work with Business Intelligence and IT architectural stuff. BI is very interesting so I probably write about that. I’m sixty so I been around and I probably write about that too. Why ‘12dimensions’? BI is much about dimensions and twelve is on par or one more with the dimensions in the universe. I’m not smart enough to figure out how many dimensions the string theory prescribes, is it ten or eleven? Plus one time dimension which is very important in BI. Anyway if the universe is held in eleven dimensions, twelve must the enough for me, so I created ‘12dimensions’ for my BI work and I think it’s a catchy name, that’s why this blog is called 12dimensions. Why ‘larsxjohansson’? It’s my gmail account, my name is Lars Johansson (without an ‘x’). Lars Johansson is the most common  name among middle aged swedish men, so I’m happy to have the x variant. This is a test, I do not know if I will write posts here. I work all day and night so there is little time for other things, but I do some writing in my work that I intend to publish here, so we’ll see.  This is my way of learning what blogging is about. So welcome me into the blogging world J

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