My legs remember the pace, but my heart don't.

In early February this year a Belgian colleague on visit here in Stockholm, was surprised over the hordes of people jogging in town the evening he arrived, and asked me if there was some special event going on. No I said we are many runners here, me too I run between 5 to 15 km each morning. This was not entirely true, I had stopped at new year, each week saying I just have to much to do this week I start run next week. Well today after 3 months I started again. It is surprising how fast and how much you lose in such a short time. I never measure time distance etc., but I’m sure I was over 6 minutes per kilometer. And that is not running, it’s fine Sunday jogging. But I will try to get in shape by run/job at least 4 times a week and lose 5 to 6 kilo overweight fat. People tell me I’m not fat, but they have not seen me coming up from bed in the morning, I’m no longer the fit slim guy I once was.
 I like to run in the early morning, summer Stockholm  five a.m. is a fantastic, run for an hour in the forest occasionally see deers (I once run into an elk) and afterwards take a swim in the cool refreshing water of a lake just 3 kilometers from the office. Winter time it’s not so fantastic black sub zero temperature ice and snow occasionally being scared to death by a deer. But now spring is here and I feel great about finally being back on track again, only my legs remember the pace but not my heart.          

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