Family blogging

Some days ago I learned I’m not the only one in the family with a blog,  I got a blogging niece Julia. My son told me I figured in a post as ‘her senile uncle that knows it all’. I tried to resist the temptation to look but this morning I tried to find the post. I could not find that post but I found another interesting post, she mention she is hours too early at airports, as there always something going wrong when she or her mother is flying. She thinks this is in her genes. Read the last paragraph of this post. It’s in the family genome. I’m a bit surprised as her mother (my sister) is a well-structured headmaster, I always thought my airport problems  was due to I’m a bit offhand and absent-minded. It feels better knowing it’s in the genes, there is nothing I can do about it.

As Julia’s uncle I have to comment her blog. It is not what I expected. Is this really my niece who graduated from college with absolute top scores? I knew she works as a part time paparazzi and likes to party. But this looks more than part time. And when is she going to start studying at KTH? I’m sure Julia will do fine in future too, she is not only smart, she is also very tough and competitive.

 I suspect Julia is a more successful blogger than I am. I thought I had 1000 visits a week ago but that was not so, I have had 1000 page views since the start. Julia probably have more page views in a day. At next family gathering I should ask her for advice, how to make my blog more attractive.

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  1. I must say that your blog is both informative and entertaining, a great help at work since I work with a system almost identical (if not totally identical)... :)