My summer of code - 2

Just south of Sète, France

Each summer vacation if I do not have anything better to do, I try study a subject in some detail, something I can use in my daily  work. I wrote a post about   my Summer of Code . This year I decided to study computer language  ‘D’ , but unfortunately I found better things to do. A summer vacation which I have blogged about   here ,   here  and   here . Back at the office I had to clean up the mess I thought I had created during the vacation, fortunately this time  I was not to blame . Then I have to replace some   hardware  and create a   data warehouse for Fuji Air Tools factory .  

I also have to do some web programming, we may need an Excel sheet like  grid application with the capability to communicate bi-directionally with SAP. If you have followed my blogging you know I’m not a good  experienced web programmer. I have with the help of my friend Andreas  decided to learn the   Sencha/ExtJS  framework to jumpstart my web capabilities.

Up in the mountains, Axel and Erik. Down behind is a pit hundreds of meters deep.

So much for my Summer of Code 2012. I have to postpone ‘D’. When I have time for ‘D’ then I probably will choose   Perl6 , it looks like Perl6 begins to be ready for production in some not too distant future. At the moment I doubt I will have time for Sencha/ExtJS, but we’ll see.

I pray next year I have time for ‘D’ and Perl6, or better the year after. I like to go down to France next year again. I’m beginning to be a francophile like my son Axel. This country has it all from skiing to beach life. And so much more. I have some colleagues in Nantes, maybe I should ask if they have some work for me.

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