Crawl before you walk, my first lines of node.js code.

Last Saturday I finally had some time for my node.js project . After some clumsy attempts to write a web app with the flatiron framework, I realized I knew too little about web development to successfully create something usable in a reasonably timeframe without help. I found the book  ‘The Node Beginners Book’ by Manuel Kiessling and it help me through the process of creating a simple web service. Input is a URL query and the output is a JSON object.
The input query requests products with a SQL ‘like predicate’ and the output JSON object is a list of products. Very primitive web app and very primitive code. But it gave me the opportunity to study javaScript and get the grips on how and why functions are passed around. This was a bit confusing at first but I think I got the hang of it. Now I think it would have been a serious mistake to start with a (Flatiron) framework. If you know Node.js and JavaScript you can probably appreciate a framework better. Crawl before you walk.

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