A smart telephone and a dumb user.

Yesterday I ‘upgraded’ my telephone from a dumb SonyEricsson j10i2, to a smart Samsung Galaxy S4. I suspect this will not be a smooth ride into smart telephone nirvana. I had problems with SMS (I could not  SMS), with my old dumb telephone, but I could call people and talk to them and I could receive calls from people and talk to them. You may notice I use past tense, I could not SMS, that still true I cannot SMS. But I could call, that is no longer true. Nothing happens when I call and I do not know how to open inbound calls. A colleague help me, he ‘rebooted’ my telephone, yes rebooted my telephone! Now there is sound in my telephone and I have been able to call once and receive once, I do not call that a success though. For some reason I have my GMail box in the telephone but I still do not know how to handle the mails in the phone. I suspect I have a long way to go  before I can handle my new telephone.

As a two year old I had no problem calling my grandma ( 503326 ) with the wire telephone of the time, now I can’t call my sons with my smart telephone. I guess while the telephones are getting smarter I grow dumber.

But there is hope for me, the new telephone is an Android device and this is an opportunity for me to explore the Android operating system. I hope I get some time this summer to write some Android code, that will give me a chance to get to grips with my new telephone. Maybe write a console app from where I can manage my telephone.

Note with ‘dumb’ in this post I mean lack of smartness.  


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