Moving a Data Warehouse - 2

Now we have moved the Data Warehouse  to the new hardware. It is more than just a move to new servers, it is a complete redesign of the Data Warehouse. The mysql database server is still a physical server, but the rest of the servers have been virtualized . The data warehouse is now based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Linux, with one exception the heart of the Data Warehouse, the ETL server is a Mageia 2  Linux .

The Data Warehouse is in the middle of the blue circle (background photo Anders Nygård).

Here you see a schematic picture of the new Data Warehouse. The new Data Warehouse consists of three physical servers, the database server, the application server or virtual host and a satellite server in Japan. The database server connects to the DW applications via an internal switch and to external applications via some connections to the corporate network. The virtual host contains all virtual DW application servers. The ETL server has been divided into two server a communication server containing mail, ftp and a smb client, and the ETL server where all jobs inbound and outbound are run. The Japanese satellite server is a replica of the database. This new setup is much easier to maintain. I’m very grateful for the invaluable help Anders Nygård  from Red Bridge  provided. Without Anders skills and knowledge this migration project would not been finished for a very long time.    


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