Bluetooth, Spotify and Keith Richards

Finally I starting to find my new phone  useful. After some training I’m not only able to answer incoming calls but I can also call people with ease. Still I find it impossible to use the phone in the car. (When I figure out how the voice control works I may be able to use the phone in the car.) My sons tell me it’s an age thing, older people have difficulties with these new smart phones.


Anyway last week I managed to install Spotify in my phone and connected the phone to my home stereo. This is great, with my telephone I can play any music I like. But there was a slight inconvenience my phone was connected with a cord to my amplifier and I didn’t want a long cord lying across the floor so I can disc-jockey from my sofa. After googling around I found this little wonder . So now I can stream music wirelessly from the net via wifi to my smartphone and via bluetooth to my home stereo, extremely comfortable. I always resisted bluetooth with the argument the wire is a feature, making sure the devices stay in place, but to be honest I go bonkers on all wires I have connecting devices and they just get more. It’s time for a rethink. And I been told everyone is streaming wireless these days but me, I’m out of touch with modern times my sons tell me.  

Spotify and Bluetooth is great, from a comfortable position in my Sofa I can play any music of my own choice. But where do Keith Richards comes in the picture? Well I thought now I should reread his biography Life  and play the music he is writing about while reading. I listen to all kinds of music even some modern House music. But I always come back to old Rolling Stones albums, especially Beggars Banquet, Sticky Fingers & Exile on Main Street . In his book Mr Richards writes a lot about blues musicians like Muddy Waters, Little Walters, Elmore James, Robert Johnson. I probably still have lots of LP’s with these guys but I do not have a record player anymore.

And I’m not likely to buy anyone either. My phone is my music device now. While comfortably reading the book in the sofa, I will be able to listen to the music in Mr Richards book. Not that I listen to music that much these days, but it’s nice anyway. My sons tell me it comes with age, old people do not listen that much to music.

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