Vacation again

Last year I went on a vacation road trip with my sons and the older ones girlfriend down to southern France. Same procedure this year, for some reason we set out on a similar trip down to Gignac in France, but this time we went home via Cannes, Nice, Milano and Hamburg. Last year we had a lot of of computers and internet devices with us which I described in Always online , the amount of devices at that time was insane and we said we only use smart phones next time, and we almost did,two Samsung Galaxy s4 and two Iphones 4s. But I didn’t dare to leave my laptop if something happened back home at the office. And of course I had my Kindle and the GPS Navigon 72 from last year. The PC-modem stopped work when we crossed the border to Denmark, fortunately nothing happened that required my intervention while I was away. The new Galaxy S4 phones were very good substitutes for pads as browsers. And if I only were allowed to connect  to the corporate network with the Galaxy it would be a great  emergency replacement for my laptop. But I was able to manage my bank accounts via the phone and this was very important since my credit card stopped work in Germany on our way down to France. Hotel rooms were booked via the phones all along the way, it’s very convenient to compare and book hotels via the web.

In Milano

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