Hendrick's Gin and Christmas soda.

Yes it worked, yesterday’s rearrangement of my twittering job resulted in this:

The tweet is truncated, but nicely so

In my post yesterday I also wrote about swedish Christmas traditions and some not so well known connections to USA. I forgot julmust. During Christmas Coca Cola sales drops some 50% due to our habit of drinking julmust at Christmas. If I recall this right; Coca Cola tried to overthrow julmust as the non alcoholic Christmas drink with massive Christmas campaigns at the turn of the century, but that backfired many of us thought this was hostile to our traditions. Coca Cola then tried to minimize the damage by launching a ‘there is room for two drinks on the Christmas table’ campaign but it didn’t help, not many swedes drink Coke during Christmas. I drink a lot of Coke but not during Christmas, I and many with me think it bad taste to serve Coke during Christmas, the initial Campaigns made us not drink Coke during Christmas, before we just drank julmust during Christmas. These days Coca Cola produce their own julmust without much ado. We were many who could have told Coca Cola not to try to replace julmust, if you are a big multi-national company on the consumer market you should be very respectful towards national traditions, that’s good business. At the time for their first campaign Coca Cola didn’t listen to the market, if they had they would have stopped the campaign in the initial stage. Today I guess they have a department for damage control which carefully listen to social media like Facebook and Twitter. Not only have the social media given the consumers more direct power, it also have given the producers a chance to better respond to the consumers will, making the world a better place.    

Last month my boss asked me over to his desk and asked me if I could spot something unusual.
I noticed he smelled but I answered no I can’t.  Then he asked me can’t you smell cat pee? I’t is my new laptop. It’s horrible. The new laptop had a distinct and rather heavy smell of cat urine. Later that day my boss told me I’m not alone and showed me some web posts, complaining about the smell from their new laptops and asking questions like do you have cats in the factory? After some very bad advises from service technicians, Dell quickly replied everywhere: "The smell is not related to cat urine or any other type of biological contaminant, nor is it a health hazard. The odor  was a result of a faulty manufacturing process that has been changed. We will replace all faulty parts". (Dell sent over a service guy who fixed my boss laptop.)
My son who study marketing strategies at the university said Dell handled the problem well, they acted according to the school book. He also said they sure have a department for damage control scanning the web.  These days a ‘cat pee’ problem can snowball in social media, you have to act fast and take the problem seriously, otherwise you ultimately can risk the existence of a company.

Gin                                            Julmust in american disguise

Yesterday I got a ‘drink recipe’ for a Christmas drink Gin & Julmust. I poured myself a big one when I got home last night, it tasted awful I didn't finish the drink. A  waste of both ingredients.

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