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I recently have created a job that twitters. This is how it looks like:

Now, if you want to tweet from other <schedules> it might be convenient to create a job template so you do not have to repeat yourself more than necessary like this:

Now you can rewrite the schedule above like this:

Instead of declaring the entire job we include the job template twitter.xml and just declare the @tag TWEET.
And this is what I have done with my twittering job:

But there is a little snag, since I include a file in the message I have to resolve the file first in the MESSAGE tag and then append it to the TWEET tag. Let’s see on Christmas day how it looks.

Today is Christmas eve, and that’s the day we celebrate here in Sweden, tonight jultomten (the Yule Gnome/Santa/Father Christmas) comes with presents to all on the nice list, and most of us party together with the family ( I have baked a cake for 18 persons for tonight’s party). But first we all watch Donald Duck christmas special cartoon. The american (Coca Cola) Father Christmas image actually has a swedish origin. On the other hand the swedish poem we swedes most associate with Winter and Christmas, ‘Tomten’ (the Gnome) by Victor Rydberg is inspired by E.A. Poe’s  ‘The Raven’! Completely different story though. By the way do you know that Poe first contemplated a parrot, but found it ridiculous and replace it with a raven.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas:))

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