Good guys Bad guys

This post is a bit off from what I normally write, but it is very much IT related and I try to follow what happens in IT intelligence area.

The other day I saw that Edward Snowden has received the swedish Right Livelihood Award.for exposing mass surveillance of electronic media done by various western defense organisations, among those NSA and FRA (Swedish Defence Radio Establishment). It came as little surprise to me FRA is/was involved, these guys they know a thing or two about (encrypted) telecommunications.
You must be pretty naive if you do not understand we are all constantly monitored on the electronic communications channels we use. Personally I do not have a problem with that, you have to adopt to the situation. But I do have a problem with the fact that non democratic regimes, terrorists and organized crime can interfere with my virtual life. I like all protection I can get from those what I consider bad guys. FRA and their fellow organisations (which I in this respect consider to be the good guys) try to expose and intercept the bad guys. To efficiently fend off the bad guys, the good guys cannot be open and at times probably have to circumvent laws. I do not have a problem with that, FRA is supervised by my parliament which I trust. In the end FRA protects me from the bad guys and I like that.
Edward Snowden have exposed surveillance activities of the good guys. In USA it  seems to be a criminal act to expose NSA , as a consequence Edward Snowden has fled to Russia which at the moment is a safe haven for him.
Now there seems to be a controversy here in Sweden if Edward Snowden should be allowed to enter this country to receive his Right Livelihood Award or not. I think not. Edward Snowden and I are on opposite sides and he has caused damage to FRA which I support. With his actions Edward Snowden direct or indirect have come to support evil forces in the world, I do not like that. 
I rather wish Edward Snowden had exposed activities of the bad guys, that would have made him a more worthy receiver of the Right Livelihood Award in my eyes.

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