PHP 5.6 towards Data Warehouse production

Today I compiled PHP 5.6.0 for the Data Warehouse. So far all looks good. The SAP interfaces
compiled nicely although I got a deprecation warning I have not seen before.:
/home/tooljn/SAPRFC/saprfc-1.4.1_54/saprfc.c:2275:5: warning: 'zend_get_parameters_ex' is deprecated (declared at /home/tooljn/PHP5.6.0/usr/local/include/php/Zend/zend_API.h:241)

I have run PHP 5.6 since alpha1 with no problems as far as I can remember, but now it’s time to go production. First we have to test,test and test. This will take a week or two then we hopefully can push PHP 5.6 into production.

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