Happy new year

It seems there is a new year every year, and it’s customary to sum up the year that has been and make predictions for the year to come.

Last year I had great expectations for 2014, but as always things do seldom work out as expected. Professionally 2014 was not as productive as I had expected.
I hoped to work with Business Intelligence on a corporate level, that didn’t happen. But a sourcing app in the Data Warehouse is now adopted by all Business Areas. (The year before I completely failed to show the similarities between Business Intelligence and Master Data Management for the logistics people in the group, the idea was to demonstrate how they could pick low hanging fruits with reports they already had.)
I hoped to launch Group common Master Data Management project, that didn't happen, the business areas were not ready to start, but I have great hope for this year we have a kick off meeting scheduled. Dedecoretur qui succumbit.
Due to various reasons I did not do much IT architectural work other things come in between.
On the more personal level I hoped to blog less, and learn JavaScript. That did not happen, I blogged a bit more than 2014, and only did tiny bits of JavaScript, I probably know JavaScript less well today.
A highly appreciated colleague decided to leave the company, this is natural colleagues come and go (I have done the same), but sometimes it hurts more.
I probably did some good things too but I focus on the negative, it’s the personality, you know the glass is half empty.

But I’m not too depressed, 2015 will be better.
The common Master Data management project will start.
Hopefully I will work with enterprise data integration. (I was involved in the creation of the company’s first data integration system the Funnel, this system will be buried on the graveyard of unsung heroes 2015 after some 35 years of service.) 2015 we will introduce the publish and subscribe integration model. 
Right now I’m testing a new model  integrating vendors of components for our products, I’m far from convinced this will fly though.

I will do more JavaScript coding.
The Perl6 project will ship their first production release, I read it on the Internet so it must be true!!
I will try to read about information warfare systems engineering. It is of vital interest  for the democratic world to keep the upper hand in information warfare, and I want to know what happens in this area.

I hope 2015 will be better for me than 2014. On a global scale I fear things will grow even worse 2015. Writing about personal ambitions for the next year is maybe meanly. E.g. we are frying the world and fooling ourselves we can do something about it. If we were serious about this we should drastically decrease the production of fossil fuel, this will only happen after some billion people have died in natural catastrophes as a consequence of global warming.
I have an ambition to start a blog in Swedish, a language I master, writing about politics, I do not for a second think this will have an impact, but it might make me feel better.

Despite this post I sincerely wish you all - A happy new year!

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