Merry Christmas from PhpMetrics

If this was a non-figurative Christmas decoration made by PhpMetrics, I would be really impressed. But it is the evaluation of my code work for the Data Warehouse :(  
Thanks PhpMetrics for the appreciation of my hard work.
PHPmetrics is a software that analyse PHP code and visualise the result, the more red the bigger circles the the worse code.
PhpMetrics is great, extremely simple to install and use and what a Christmas decoration! The colors of Christmas red and green plus some yellow. This could be a trivet for Christmas made by Alvar Aalto.

I will try to understand why my code rate so poorly. Browsing the documentation I saw eval and goto rate bad. Eval; this evil instruction - I had no other option in PHP, I was forced to use it. As for goto I’m of another opinion, sometimes goto is just the right instruction. I saw PhpMetrics also analysed some other software products I use, it took the entire directory structure, I suspect the combination may explain some red spots. I do not use much OO code and there are some horrid test programs still in there. And I use one GLOBAL in almost every function (accessing the log routine). And the bulk of the code is written between 2004-2007. Lots of excuses, maybe it is as simple as 'the code is crap', or PhpMetrics is good for creating nice looking images with little meaning.

Any way the picture is great, I simply love it.
Try to beat my code, create a more Christmassy graph with PhpMetrics if you can.

From me to all (well almost) of you - A Very Merry Christmas.

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