The Cake is shut down

The Cake (2007 - 2015-07-03)

The Cake a.k.a. Kakan (deliberate mistranslation) a cost and revenue analysis Data Warehouse application  fell quietly asleep today.

The Cake was a brilliant piece of software put together in record time by me and my former colleague Ulf Davidsson, he did most of the work and then a Qlikview app on top. With the Cake marketing could in detail compare the revenue of sales with cost of production. The key factor to the success of the Cake was the understanding of Sales, nevertheless the original users have since long ascended up the career ladder and their replacement didn’t use the Cake. The last year of its life, the cake was not much used, the dead was anticipated and natural.
The Cake is replaced by SalMon a Sales analysis application used throughout the enterprise.
At next after work with the DW, we should have a funeral feast for the Cake.

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