Amazon delivery time

2017-07-07 I ordered a book in paper format from Amazon. I choose the most economic transport without looking at delivery times. When I looked a my order, to my astonishment I realized the delivery date was 2017-08-17!
My word, what kind of process can result in that delivery time for a book year 2017? Does Amazon send the paper book from USA? With a sailing ship to Holland? And from there with a horse coach to Stockholm, Sweden?
I thought Amazon was a rational modern company with a serious customer focus. Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine such a long delivery time. I get the feeling Amazon purposely extend the delivery time to ‘punish’ me for not choosing a more expensive delivery alternative.

It would be interesting to know where Amazon prints my copy of the book and the route Amazon sends the book to me.
Looking at the order I can see the book is on its way to me😈

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