The growth of

The Data Warehouse still surprises me. After 16 years it still grows in terms of users, jobs, sql queries, reports etc. I had a look the other day at a Twitter published graph and saw jobs/month has increased from 58000 to 71000 during the last year, a staggering 22% that’s a lot.
Number of jobs or resource consumption are not a very good measures of the useful production of a Data Warehouse or any other application. It is very hard to measure the useful production of most computer apps. Number of jobs may indicate inefficiency or a stupid divide of logical tasks into too many jobs. Anyway it is a measure, assuming the Data Warehouse is not deteriorating the increase of jobs is an indication of increased use. As far as I can see the Data Warehouse is not deteriorating, if anything it is getting better.

Never in my wildest dream did I anticipated the phenomenal progress of the Data Warehouse when we started 2001 by solving one problem for one purchaser. And never did I expect the Data Warehouse be alive and kicking 16 years later. I'm not surprised however, useful applications have a tendency to live long. After my rewrite of the first version 2006, the Data Warehouse was superior to anything there was on the market. Some claim it still is, I don't know about that but it is certainly different from anything on the market.

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