Perl6 CRO - 2

In my first post about Perl6 and CRO I  mentioned I had problems take care of POST and GET messages at the same time.  The problem was a misspelled semi-colon

get -> 'greet', :%zname {
  say %zname:
 content 'text/plain',  'bye';
I wrote a colon instead of the correct semi-colon, you see it above say %zname: the result was

Cannot resolve caller say(Hash: DateTime); none of these signatures match:
   (Mu $: *%_)
 in block  at myfstserver.p6 line 26
 in code  at /home/tooljn/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/sources/1DC86B9F9A31CA5BEE35765E177159BAEDB91AAA (Cro::HTTP::Router) line 79
It took me some four hours to figure this out. If the error message had been a more helpful

%zname: is uninitialized or %zname: does not exist ...
I had probably spotted the problem instantly.

Now  my CRO server works beautifully. CRO seems amazing so far, a hell lot of functionality stuffed in there. Now I only have to learn Perl6. The language is truly great and CRO looks even greater and it is only the first beta version, really looking forward to the next version.

I just learned the colon I tripped over is an alternative method invocation syntax, which makes my complaint invalid. I need to learn Perl6 before complaining, but thinking before talking is not one of my stong suits, (either😊)

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