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My so called smartphone signals incoming email with a merry sound in a major tone. This weekend the company ERP system is down for service, that in itself is bad. In the 90ties I promised myself only creating “never down” IT systems. I had to cheat a bit neither the technology or the cost was on my side, so I learned when ‘my’ systems was not used and serviced them at those time slots, yes I burned the lamp between 02:00 to 05:00 Sunday nights a lot. When I created the Data Warehouse I kept my promise to myself, the Data Warehouse was up the twelve years I was in charge except three power outages, I think that still is damn good, certainly no other system in the company even come close to those twelve years..
So far this morning my telephone has signalled over 300 incoming mail warning alerts from the Data Warehouse of broken workflow schedules all depending on the company ERP system, you can read about the failed workflows here. (And warning alerts keep on coming.)
Email automation is something I started in the early 80ties using the Memo system of Volvo IT in the mainframe world. Memo was an early Email system not built for automation at all, but I with some ingenuity and assembler skills was able to send warnings from the company ERP system at the time, the ERP system I had built myself (yes I am immensely proud of that, not many can say they built an ERP system for a global enterprise, yes again I did it all myself, production, logistics & purchase).

Email automation is something I worked with the last two weeks and that is the reason for this post, hopefully the first in a serie about my new email generator.

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