Email automation - 1

This is the second post (the first post, the next post you find here) in my quest for mail automation I need to grab some data from an Excel sheet. This is my first attempt. Exporting data from Excel the wrong way.
For my email generator I need the recipients to be stored in a MySQL table, today the recipients are maintained in an Excel sheet.  First I need to export the recipients from Excel. Below you see the Location/City Pará in my Excel sheet.

Now I save this  as  a UTF-8 CSV file, following this simple procedure:  

End of simple Excel  UTF-8 export  procedure.

And what do I get?
Do you see the dark area above? That is an ‘át’ as in  ‘Parát’. Of course it should be an á as in Pará, (‘át’ vas my first attempt to paste it in this text).

This do not look good, and even worse no matter how I try to load this csv file into MySQL I fail. Whatever the problem is this is clearly not the solution. And since the final goal is mail automation, this manual erroneous process this is a dead end.

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