I read in the morning paper

Donald Knuth celebrated his 80th birthday in Piteå far up north in Sweden the other week. Rather surprising. It turned out the grand old man have written a music piece for organ and he wanted the premiere performance be played on an organ they have in Piteå.
My mother was born up there far north, and my grandma often made Pitepalt, kind of potato dumplings with pork, my absolute favorite food when I was a kid. Five year old I once had 6 pitepalts, which was considered quite a feat. Pitepalt originates from Piteå and that is my only relation with the little town. I do not eat pitepalt anymore, no one can make them as grandma did not even mom.

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  1. He is even younger than my father, who has read all three Knuth's volumes (me - not :-) I have to tell him about it.
    And this celebration is good reason to convince my wife or mother to learn the cooking of Pitepalt... :-)