Accidental music

In no time Google Home assistant has become part of my domestic life. “Hey Google…”
I say it all the time and I have merely commenced using the service. I ask for time, weather,
meetings traffic situation while attending other things. I will start creating full services like
Goodmorning, GoToWork, I’mHome, Goodnight etc. Today I will rename Google home assistant to Ruth,
which is the name of a swedish tax deduction programme for domestic services and the name of my
highly appreciated D3 vacuum cleaning robot. I will be able to say “Hey Ruth start cleaning” which is
more logical than “Hey Google start cleaning”. Only that the tax deduction programme name is Rut,
the swedish spelling of Ruth and pronounced in a way very few americans can mimic, and I have a
feeling it will be hard for the american home assistant to connect spelling and voice “Rut”.
On Monday I hope Ryan can help me doing a american transliteration of “Rut”, Ryan is from USA,
I fear Mick can’t be of help he is from UK. English and American Swedish sounds very different.
As it is now the Google home assistant only understands me when I do my best to mimic the american
dialect, you know ancient English with guttural “R” and other relics from days gone by.

This morning at the breakfast table I was reading an article about the american guitarist Bill Frisell,
without really thinking I said “Hey Google play Bill Frisell” and out of the loudspeaker came an
instrumental version of an old beautiful Beatles song I know the text of it’s only the title I have forgot.
Now the funny thing about that is Bill’s last name looks very Swedish but I unconsciously pronounced it
with the american dialect guttural “L” and all. Frisell is actually pronounced similar  enough in English
and Swedish for the home assistant to understand the swedish “Frisell”, but that is not always the case
the other week I asked Google to play “some jazz” and out can some Latino dance music with heart,
pain and love in abundance. - What the fuck! “Hey Google Stop!”, “Hey Google PLAY SOME JAZZ” out
come the Latino music. No matter how I tried to pronounce “some jazz” I got Latino dance music, to my
surprise it catched on I really liked it, despite my two left feet. Whatever Spotify playlist Google thought
I wanted I did not mind, I just asked for “some jazz” and these kind of corny but likeable latin tunes
streamed out the speakers, util the day before Yesterday “Hey Google play some jazz” and Google all
of sudden replied “I found the Coffee Table Jazz playlist” and started to stream laid back jazz,
actually very nice jazz but I wanted latino dance music. No matter how bad I tried to pronounce
“some jazz” Coffee Table Jazz was played not “escándalo” and the other catchy latino songs I wanted.
By browsing the home assistant shockingly long activity list I found out I had asked for “100% Cumbia”.
How can “some jazz” become “100% cumbia”? My american english must be lousy, real bad.
Anyway now I ask for “100% cumbia in the living room” and latino tunes streams out of my AudioPro T12
speakers. Except… After the first request to play “100% Cumbia” in the living room speakers, the home
assistant do not understand “100% Cumbia in the living room”  anymore. I can only ask for
“100% Cumbia” which is then played in the Kitchen Google speaker.Before I proceed to next level I
may have to take some American conversion lessons. I will ask the assistant for classes “how to speak
like a real american”, only I fear I cannot make myself understood. But if my bad english can find music
like “escándalo” maybe I should keep my english, God knows what I will hear when I request
“Thelonius Monk” without the very nasal “o” with an open mouth in the last name.

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