Online shopping

I decided to follow the flow and start online shopping, no more go to crowded stores, just click and wait for the delivery at the door. But what to buy? Well you can always buy some knickers and tee-shirts. So I googled on men's underwear, and I got a lot of options, actually most  were women's underwear shown on girl models. No harm in that I thought, actually I preferred those pictures over men’s knickers pictures. Anyway I got a lot of options, so many I could not decide right away what to buy. But now something unexpected started to show up in my browser, neverending pictures of girl models showing ladies underwear. I did not anticipate that, feeling like a pervert peeping Tom when looking for SQL syntax. Hiding my screen at the office, yes I feel embarrassed. “If this is what he is looking at in the office, God knows what he looks at at home? I thought he was a decent guy..” And this just because I wanted to be modern doing online shopping. I will go to a store and buy my underwear the old fashion way in future.

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