Happy birthday!

New years eve I wrote it seems to be a new year every year, the same is true for birthdays, I grow one year older every year. At my age birthdays are not happy anymore. A quiet dinner with my sons maybe, I do not know yet we’ll see.
This week religion showed its ugly face again, and once again we see the profiteers of evil. I can see the hunt for the terrorists more or less live on TV, why I ask myself. No matter the reason it gives a hell of a lot to the media (people)  more work and (extra) income, self proclaimed spokesman lead manifestations for the free word etc, xenophobics can spread their venom, all profiteers of evil. The other day there was a lady on radio live from Paris ‘It is time to ban intolerant opinions’, yes she was serious. Today we have profiteers of evil speculating together with live pictures from Paris on zillions TV channels. I do not need this.

I use to talk about profiteers of tragedies, you know all priests, therapists et al that shows up as soon there is a tragedy, to offer professional help, not so much for those directly affected by the tragedy, but the surrounding masses of vultures. Now we see a more sinister next of kin, the profiteers of evil are coming of age.
My heart do not bleed for those merely remotely affected of calamities or the profiteers. My thoughts goes to those really affected and those who tries to protect us and catch the bad guys.
What is next? Journalists embedded with terrorists?

I had in mind writing something completely different, this is far from what I usually write. But it is my birthday and my blog so what the...

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