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This morning I had nothing to do so I enjoyed myself by reading some of my own posts. It’s not entirely pleasant, not that I think the posts are uninteresting or of low quality, well a few are but in general I think the posts are interesting. The posts are written for a ‘narrow’ audience, some posts are written as documentation for myself and a few colleagues. For such posts I assume the reader knows the context, if not the posts can be incomprehensible or very hard to understand and of posts are badly written and my english far-from-perfect english doesn’t help. A good understanding of programming and interest in IT and Business Intelligence are prerequisites for many of my posts. And this is certainly true for the posts I want to promote in this post.

I have written a serie of post on the topic parallel programming with my own Integration Tag Language. These posts describes not only how parallelize program execution, but also how to right size parallel ‘business units’ of work, e.g. performant extraction of  information of 50.000 parts from a SAP system. This kind of optimization is not something I have found much information about. Normally parallel programming deals with optimization on the micro scale, non blocking I/O on file systems, I/O channel  programming or operation systems programming, but not e.g. how performantly assemble Bill of Materials from simple parent-child relations. I know there is a huge demand for this and I have seen some real examples examples in the ‘business world’ where such knowledge would have helped. I have also seen non existing examples, ‘you cannot do this it will take forever’.

I hope I’m not presumptuous or preposterous when I claim these posts give insight in a very common problem. Big Data proponents often claims they have the solution, (as for any other problem you might have, these guys have seen the light), but I have not seen Big Data solutions for e.g. extraction of information of 50.000 parts from a SAP system, (in that particular case there probably exists HANA solutions).

Anyway the first post:

pave the way for the post that explains right sizing of business problems with ITL parallel  programming:

This is complex, if you found this interesting but incomprehensible, please read all the posts beginning with Parallel processing of Workflows.        

Still interested but not getting it, drop me a note and I try to explain better.

Finally since I makes some claims here, please tell if you find errors or you find the claims preposterous, or you can give better advice.

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