Allan Turing the movie

Yesterday I saw the imitation game. I fancy the movie although it wasn't historical very correct. It was nice to learn about Joan Clarke (played by the lovely miss Keira Knightley), I had never heard about miss Clarke and the part she played in breaking the Enigma code before.
It’s a pity there is not very much about the other things Turing did apart from code breaking. He was a phenomenally clever computer builder, I would have love to see the mercury lanes used as acoustic high speed memory in some of the very first computers, and something about his work on morphogenesis. I have read he was pestering people discussing color patterns of cowhide, that could have been illustrated in a movie. It is probably harder to illustrate the fact he was a darn good programmer.
All in all it’s a good movie that I can recommend.

Not to diminish the work done at Bletchley park, but Arne Beurling cracked the harder ‘G machine’ (Geheimfernschreiber) with just pen and paper in two weeks giving the Swedes good access to German secret communications going through Sweden until 1942 when Finish military revealed this to the German Wehrmacht.

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