Football and the Data Warehouse

Who wins 2016 European Championship?
With the help of The Data Warehouse and Qlikview the Business Intelligence crew have created an app for keeping track of the results and where you put your money or rather wine bottles. I will win some some +200 bottles of wine if I win this company EURO 2016 competition. Yes I know you can do the app with Qlikview only or Excel or …, but now the BI crew based in on the Data Warehouse for better transparency and integration with other viewers than Qlikview.   

My results for the group stage

Actually I do not know what I would do with +200 wine bottles, since I seldom drink wine these day. Anyway I suppose the BI crew will win since they are in control of the data or rather the match results from all competing in this game. That is what Data warehousing and Business Intelligence are about. Stay ahead of the competition by taking control of the data. Anyway it is a nice and practical example of making BI useful.

I blurred the picture since I do not want other contestants to see the winning results, that would delute my win.

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