I’m a C# .net developer yes I am

Most of the time a new computer language is simple to pick up, the logic and operations that is. The hard part these days is to understand the class structure and all accompanying frameworks and learn the IDE (visual studio in this case). Often there is not much logic behind these components which force you to learn a lot by heart, so when I say I’m a C# .net developer I mean I understand parts of the machinery you need to master if you are a true master C# .net developer. But I think I now have the basic skills, I just have to learn more and practise hard for a year or so to become a proficient C# .net developer.
So far I like C# .net and the development environment, I have a feeling you can be very productive knowing these tools.
Normally I display my code, but in this case I’m unsure if this is open or closed source and  what company policy dictates for closed source code, so I show this picture which tells where I am in the visual studio world.

The C# .net code I have written is substandard so it is nothing you want to look at anyway. But it works, you do not expect much more from a PoC so I'm happy.

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